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Advantages of ADG® (Titan™) “Titanium Fly Rods™”.

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Why Titanium is better than any other material that rods are built with?

1. Titanium is lightweight.

2. Titanium has great sensitivity.

3. Titanium is flexible.

4. Titanium is powerful and durable.

5. Titanium stores and transfers energy more efficiently than any other rod material on the market.

Ten reasons why someone should buy ADG® (Titan™) “Titanium Fly Rods™”.

1. ADG Titan fly rods - Amazing evolution in rod design, much like the introduction of carbon fiber / graphite over fiberglass materials.

2. ADG Titan fly rods - Out-powers all other rods, making casting effortless, and the responsiveness is unbelievable.


3. ADG Titan fly rods - Great sensitivity is felt from tip to the grip due to solid titanium wire is scientifically implanted into the entire rod.
4. ADG Titan fly rods - Remarkably powerful, incredibly sensitive and unbelievably smooth.
5. ADG Titan fly rods - Less need to false cast by letting the titanium do the work.
6. ADG Titan fly rods - One can cast further, more accurately, with more overall control and more lifting power with less exertion.
7. ADG Titan fly rods - Great to fish all species salt and fresh water.
8. ADG Titan fly rods - Vastly different and better than graphite rods.
 9. ADG Titan fly rods - Affordable prices, high quality and better performance compared with other major name brand rods.
10. ADG Titan fly rods - With the purchase of an ADG Titan fly rod, you get three rods-in-one: three actions -full, mid and tip flex and the ability to cast three line weights.
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