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NEw Zealand Made "Crown" Plastic Tent pegs, Rope Slides & Keyhole Tensioners

Info Sheet on "Crown" Camping Products Made in NZ

The only N Z made, top quality plastic tent pegs, rope slides & tensioners to anchor your tent for a hassle free & secure camping experience.

Only available in New Zealand at this stage from ROLUX.

Just email me your requirements and I will get straight back to you. Shortly they will be available through the ROLUX  website shop, or for larger orders, by emailing your requirements to me  through the "Contacts" page.
  • Suitable for Tents, Sports nets, Awnings etc.
  • Superior design & holding power
  • Often copied, but never beaten
  • Tough & resilient High Impact Polypropylene
  • Light weight & non-corrosive
  • Large non-slip hooks

Fully U.V. stabilized for New Zealand sunlight conditions.

Since 1981, we have produced a range of superior plastic tent pegs, rope slides and keyhole tensioners for camping under the "Crown" brand. The Tent pegs were designed specifically with New Zealand conditions in mind and are moulded in High Impact Co-polymer Polypropylene. This is an engineering plastic and is very resilient. It can be used in all different soil types, will not shatter in stoney soil and will retain its integrity. If removed from stoney soil, the pegs may have a slight bend in them,but the careful choice of the moulding material allows for straightening of the pegs by insertion in boiling water to manually remove the bend. These plastic products are all fully U.V stabilsed to cope with the New Zealand sunlight.

The best plastic pegs for holding power, ease of use and longevity.

Polypropylene is vastly superior to ABS, and when used in "Crown" Tent pegs, it creates a superior product which will anchor well in the ground, and also flex around obstacles instead of breaking. High Impact polypropylene is even better and as well as coping with all camping requirements, also works well in extremes of temperature.
"Crown" Tent pegs have been specially designed to be resilient, so they have some "give" in them.

My Personal Experience Using "Crown" Camping Products

Falstone camping closeup(copy)
My favourite camping spot is Falstone camp ground on the shores of Lake Benmore. Accessed from the Twizel end of the lake, Falstone was a newly developed site when we first started visiting. The seedlings were only 30cm high but grew quickly to give good shade which was a blessing when the temperatures soared after Christmas.
We spent many weeks at a time there for over 20 years and used and developed the "Crown" Tent pegs Slides & Tensioners to secure our camping site. I utilised these experiences to refine the pegs, mainly with subtle material changes to achieve the results we have today.

Even though the strong Northwesters came across the lake nearly every day at 4:30, (if you have camped there, you will know what I'm talking about), the pegs held fast and combined with the judicious use of slides and tensioners, never let us down.
smuggler on lake 300w
I have personally used and developed these products for over 30 years and I know from first hand experience how good & reliable they are.
"Crown" pegs come in 3 different sizes, covering all camping requirements from anchoring light Tent fly's and Tent floors to tensioning large multi-room family Tents, Awnings, Sports nets and Wind breaks.

Plastic Tent Pegs

15 cm Peg

The smaller peg is 15cm long and unique in design. It is made with double hooks on the top and is ideal for light duty anchoring. The double taper makes for easy insertion and removal with the main holding power being obtained by the angle of insertion.

The 15cm plastic tent peg has been designed with a double hook system so that it can easily be used to either anchor down a tent floor or ground sheet with the straight hook or act as a strainer for guy ropes with the curved hook side.

Right: 15cm peg & guy rope using curved hook.     Far right: pegged down groundsheet with 15cm peg using straight hook.

If you do not have a hook removal tool, it is easy to remove these pegs by using the attached guy rope to pull the peg straight out of the ground. See the pictures:

Peg removal using the guy rope. Pull on the same angle as the peg is inserted for easy removal.
tent peg 15cm red final for web page250w                  15cm pegs in ground 800w(copy)
tent peg 23cm red final for web page200w
23 cm Peg

The middle size peg is 23cm long and is the most popular one that we sell. Used for all tent sizes, it is a very versatile peg with superb strength and holding power. The 3 sided shape allows easy insertion with the maximum surface area in contact with the ground, providing great holding ability.

Both the 23cm & 30cm pegs have a non slip single hook on top and also a hole for inserting a hook tool to ease removal from the ground without damaging the peg.
30 cm Peg

The largest peg we supply is 30cm long and of the same design as the 23cm version. Once this peg is anchored in the ground, it can easily resist the tension applied by even the largest of family tents. It is often used for securing large wind breaks and for tensioning ropes for many different purposes. As far as recreational camping goes, you will never be let down by our largest peg.
tent peg 30cm red final for web page350w(copy)

Rope Slides

slides 2 grey350w
To compliment the range of pegs, we also have "Crown" moulded rope slides in two sizes which are easy and economical to use.  These are 6.5 cm and 10 cm long with holes in both ends for attaching the guy ropes:

6.5cm slide has holes of 4.5mm diameter.
10cm slide has holes of 9.6mm diameter.
A photo of the 30cm tent peg and the 10cm rope slide in action. In this photo, the peg is not inserted fully so as to show both products in use. The peg would normally be inserted fully into the ground to provide maximum holding power.
SAM 2062(copy)
Keyhole Tensioners
keyhole tensioner for web page final(copy)
"Crown" moulded plastic keyhole tensioners provide another option when erecting tents, shades or fly's etc. They are 18cm long, made out of thermo-plastic rubber and easily stretch and have an excellent memory. Standard colour is black.
The tensioners are placed between the peg and the guy rope to act as a shock absorber to prevent damage to the tent material if it is over strained as in a heavy wind or even someone tripping over your guy rope.
Keyhole tensioner in use(copy)
4WD winch photo with Crown KHT large -44-824-778
Crown Keyhole tensioners are ideal as winch hook tensioners on 4WD vehicles to prevent the hook from bouncing around when tackling the rough stuff.


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"Crown" plastic tent pegs, rope slides, and keyhole tensioners can be used to anchor everything from sports nets to wind breaks, gazebo's and of course small and large family tents. They are extremely tough and light weight.

As these products are moulded from modern co-polymer engineering plastics, they are, of course, non-corrosive and light weight. The tent pegs, being made out of High Impact Polypropylene, as well as being able to be straightened if bent,  anchor well in a variety of ground types and will not shatter if they hit a rock while being hammered into the ground. Normally moulded in highly visible red colour, they tend not to get lost in the long grass and they are available in the above 3 different sizes to cater for all your demands.
"Crown" Polypropylene Tent Pegs are moulded in red colour
All Rope slides and keyhole tensioners are moulded in black colour
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