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Rod Component Information


A brief over-view

Please read the information on the attached pages to find out more about different components used in the manufacture of Fishing Rods. Click on the red links to redirect you to those sections.
Reel Seats

Reel seats and game handles for website(copy)(copy)

Fishing rod reel seats come in different configurations, materials and sizes. Reel seats are made specially for Fly, Spin & Surf, Boat & Game and trigger type for light to medium casting rods.

Light grade aluminium, Graphite & nylon with stainless steel hoods, Machined Aluminium reel seats and Game rod handles, Resin impregnated wood with aluminium or nickle hoods.

For more information please visit the Reel Seats page.
Fishing Rod Grips
Cork finished(copy)(copy)EVA finished(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy) Rod grips are predominately made of two different materials, High density brushed EVA and Cork.
Shapes and sizes vary according to the rod being built and both materials are easily modified, shaped and reamed out to suit your blank.

For more information please visit the Grips page.

Rod Guides

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Different rods require different types of guides from snake guides for Fly rods up to heavy duty roller guides for Game rods and everything in between.

Frames can be either Brass, Stainless steel or Titanium and the the inner ring can consist  of different materials for example, Titanium Oxide, Zirconian & Hialoy  to SIC Silicon Carbide, with or without shock rings.

For most types of fishing, the type of ring frame is more important than the centre ring material. One of the most common materials to use is Titanium Oxide as it is extremely hard but still easily affordable. Silicon Carbide is the top material to use on Heavy Boat & Game rods in a tip ring as it is extremely hard and typically comes in heavy frames to dissipate heat quickly.

The other option for heavy duty tip rings is the roller variety with either steel or ceramic rollers.  For more information please visit the Guides page.
Joining Ferrules, Gimbals and Fighting Butts
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Plain and reinforced chrome or black brass ferrules for joining 2pce fishing rod sections together. Also used to repair older hollow & solid glass 2 pce. rods. Available in sizes from 6.5mm up to 19mm.

Machined Aluminium Featherweight Ferrules. These were initially made to join together hollow glass 1  piece
rods that had been cut in two. The Male & Female I.D.'s were the same and they came with an O ring for precise fit.

Heavy wall machined chrome brass ferrules for heavier rods.

Moulded Nylon Gimbals butts with internal fluting to ensure a good glue bond to the blank.
gimbal ferulle fighting butt collage cleaned final(copy)
Small fighting butt(copy)                         Large fighting butt2(copy)(copy)

Cork / EVA and Aluminium detachable fighting butts for Fly and Lure rods.
Rod Wrapping Thread

Thread collage new website(copy)300w

Fishing rods can be bound or wrapped in many pleasing colour combinations.

Thread comes in different thicknesses and solid colours, pastels and stripes.
We also have metallic threads that look superb as underbindings and trims. They are decorative only and are not strong enough to be used as overbindings to fix the guides.

We stock verigated threads for use on older Fly rods to retain originality. If we cannot match the original thread we can always totally re-bind the rod in a period thread to suit.
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