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Fishing Rod Reel Seats

Fishing rod reel seats come in different configurations, materials and sizes.

Reel seats and game handles for website(copy)

Reel seats are made specially for Fly, Spin & Surf, Boat & Game and trigger type for light to medium casting rods.
Materials used vary and include : Light grade aluminium, Graphite & nylon with stainless steel hoods, Machined Aluminium, and Resin impregnated hardwood with aluminium or nickle silver hoods.erials and sizes.

Fly Rod reel seats come in Aluminium, Graphite / Nylon with Stainless hoods and Resin impregnated hard wood with Alloy or Silver nickle hoods. Available in up-locking or down-locking versions.
haps16(copy)(copy)Wooden fly rod seat with wooded plug(copy)(copy)(copy)ally fly seat 16mm(copy)(copy)Wood and black ally fly rod reel seat2(copy)(copy)
Haps reel seat 22(copy)(copy)

Moulded Graphite / Nylon general purpose reel seats with extra strong 1mm thick Stainless Steel hoods. These hoods are stronger than those on many of the reel seats out there today. Many of the cushioned hoods use thinner ( therefore weaker ) stainless steel which, although fine for general purpose rods, can leave you wanting when using a larger reel on a heavier rod.

These are a great all purpose rugged reel seat. Sizes range from 16mm up to 34mm ID.

Moulded Graphite / Nylon Trigger reel seats for casting rods with overhead "free spool" reels. Mainly available in 16mm, 18mm and 20mm ID. Some models have cushioned hoods while others do not.
Trigger reel seats are also available in "Blank Thru" design and skeleton versions.
These reel seats make casting rods more comfortable and accurate to use.

Trigger seats(copy)(copy)(copy)
Lightweight ally 32mm reel seat(copy)


black ally 22mm(copy)(copy)

Lightweight Aluminium reel seats for lighter Spinning Rods.

Chrome Brass heavy duty reel seats. These were used in the past as Boat rod and Surf rod reel seats.

Even though they were very strong, they were cold to the touch and if not maintained correctly, would be subject to corrosion.

The 2 knurled knobs locked in place preventing reel slippage or movement.
chrome reel seat(copy)(copy)

Blk (copy)

Heavy duty moulded Graphite / Nylon Game Rod reel seat with fully machined Aluminium hoods.

Heavy duty Aluminium Game Rod reel seat with fully machined hoods.

BLK ALLY GAME SEAT(copy)(copy)
Ally game handles clean for web(copy)

Game rod straight Aluminium Butt with pinned ferrule and the also the curved variety used in Game fishing chairs.

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