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Fishing rod ferrules

Ever since fishing rods came in more than 1 piece, there had to be a method of joining the sections together. These components are called ferrules.
farlow ferule4(copy)
farlow ferule6(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)
farlow ferule3(copy)(copy)
Split cane fishing rods were traditionally fitted with ferrules because they were constructed in manageable size sections of 2 or 3 pieces and had to be easily transported. Back in the day, most ferrules were made by a machinist on a lathe and screwed together with locating dowels to correctly align the sections.
The photos are of my own "Farlow" split cane rod's ferrules, and show the craftsmanship employed in making these components by talented machinists..
farlow ferule8(copy)(copy)

farlow ferule8(copy)

Chrome & black brass ferrules came in sizes from 5mm up to 19mm inside dia. of the female section which is fixed to the Butt section of the rod.
The wall thicknesses varied a lot, and were a balance between strength and weight. On lighter hollow or solid fibreglass rods, the ferrule did not have to be extremely strong, but on larger surf rods or Salmon rods for example they had to be more robust.
fer RF apart(copy)(copy)
Reinforced Chrome ferrule
Early fibreglass fishing rods used chrome brass ferrules  which came as a plain parallel ferule or a reinforced variety which could be used on heavier rods.
chrome ferrule(copy)(copy)
Plain Chrome Brass ferrule
fer aust apart2(copy)(copy)
Machined Chrome Brass ferrule
fer plain medium(copy)(copy)
Large Plain chrome brass ferrule
Extra strong brass ferrules were machined out of stock thick walled tube and then chromed. These were sometimes used on heavy boat and trolling rods. These ferrules required lubrication to ensure that they did not sieze and were easily assembled and dis-assembled. The lubricant had to be very fine as the tolerances were tight. An old fisherman's trick was to rub the ferrule on the back of your neck on the "hair line". The naturally secreted hair oil was ideal, and always available.
Machined featherweight aluminium ferrule with O ring
ally ferrules featherweight collage2(copy)
Machined aluminium featherweight ferrules with an O ring for ease of use and providing a perfect fit. These were commonly used on hollow fibreglass fly rods. Because of their design, they were good to use when turning a 1 piece hollow glass fly rod blank into a 2 piece version. The step in the ferrule meant that the inside diameters of both ends were the same. This was something that the conventional chrome brass ferrules could not achieve.
featherweight ferrule(copy)(copy)
spigot ferrule2(copy) Fibreglass "spigot" ferrules were made from solid pultruded fibreglass rod which is tapered and sanded to a slightly different taper than the inside of the tip section. This was done so that with an application of wax on the spigot would allow easy fit without the tip section becoming locked on to the spigot.
fer asian1(copy)(copy)(copy)  
The cheaper Asian rods from the 80's up to present day, used a ferruling system where the tip section fitted inside the butt section of the rod. This was an inherently weak system where pressure was applied to the inside of the hollow butt section resulting in frequent failure when under load.
ferrule FF2(copy)(copy)
Most modern fishing rod blank manufacturers use a joining system where the tip section slips over the butt section. Sometimes called the "Friction Fit Ferrule" the joint is very strong and with good design the action is not affected much at all.

The butt section is a slightly different taper than the inside of the tip section. This was done so that with an application of parafin wax on the butt section would allow easy fit without the tip section becoming locked on to the spigot.
Assorted Fishing rod ferrules
Farlow collage(copy)(copy) gimbal ferulle fighting butt collage cleaned final(copy)
Chrome brass ferrule re-inforced(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy) featherweight ferrule(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)
fer RF apart(copy)(copy) ferrule plain on hollow rod(copy)(copy)(copy)
fer RF joined(copy)(copy)
fer seated with text(copy)(copy) ferrules on solid glass rods(copy)(copy)(copy) fer x 4(copy)(copy)
DSCF7099(copy)(copy) friction fit ferrule 2(copy) ferrules on solid glass rods joined(copy)(copy)
fer asian1(copy)(copy)(copy) spigot ferrule2(copy) DSCF7094(copy)(copy)(copy)(copy)
fer aust apart2(copy)(copy)

ally ferrules featherweight collage2(copy)(copy)
ferrule FF2(copy)(copy)(copy)
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