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Rolux Custom Fishing Rods

Custom built NZ made fishing rods by ROLUX

A viable alternative to a standard store bought fishing rod is a "Custom Built" rod designed specifically to suit you and your personal angling style. A "Custom" rod can be built for a specific purpose like Salmon fishing up river or light to heavy Game fishing, jigging etc., or indeed to cover different types of fishing with the one rod.
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Selection of the Blank

Building the Rod begins with the selection of the "Blank" which is the backbone of the rod to which all the other componentry is attached. The type of blank, and the main use it is to be put to then dictates the other type of componentry utilized in the build. An important step in the building process is finding the "Spine" of the rod before starting assembly. See the article on "Basic Rod Construction".

Grips, Reel Seat & Guides

Grips, reel seat and guides are carefully chosen to reliably and efficiently gain the maximum performance from the blank and suit the type of reel to be used


Once all the components have been chosen in consultation with the angler, the real work begins as the assembly process is started. Many factors are taken in to account while constructing a custom rod, from the size of the angler to the size and type of reel and line they wish to use on the completed rod.
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Marking Out

After choosing the Blank and other components, the rod has to be marked out so that all the components work in harmony.
On a fast taper rod for instance, the grips should be reamed out with a custom made tapered reamer so that they will fit without placing undue pressure on the blank.

They should be a snug fit before gluing and will slip on easily when using the glue.

Binding or Wrapping Stage

After assembly, the rod goes through the binding or wrapping stage where the colour and personality of the rod is added.


Once the guides are bound on to the rod, they have to be finished with a variety of finishes.
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Reel Seats

Reel seats come in many different materials and configurations ranging from Billet machined Game rod handles to resin impregnated wooden / alloy fly rod seats. Graphite / stainless steel reel seats are popular for boat or surf rods with trigger versions in the same materials commonly used in free-spool casting rods ( e.g.. Salmon river rods)

Fishing rod grips

The most common materials to make fishing rod grips from are Cork and brushed high density EVA. Both materials are good to work with, comfortable to use and hard wearing. Cork and EVA can be shaped to suit the angler's hands and the high density EVA grips we use are able to be customised with the addition of coloured rings to bring a bit of individualism to the finished rod.
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Fishing Rod Guides
There are many types of guides available today for different types of rods and they can be manufactured in a number of materials giving the rod builder various options while choosing the the right guide for the job. The frames come in different colours and materials, as do the inserts. There is the option of using guides with or without shock rings depending on the end use of the rod. The type and quantity of guides and their placement and orientation on the blank is all important, more so on rods using free-spool reels where the line travels over the top of the blank, as in many Boat, Bait casting, Game and Salmon casting rods.

The choice of top guide or tip ring for the rod is all important and it has to be able to take a great deal of punishment from knocks and the hard wearing line that is in common use today.
Extra hard ring materials and heavy frames that dissipate heat quickly are required for heavy fishing conditions.

Roller Tip Guides

Many heavy Boat and Game rods utilise roller tip guides. Most of the heavier Game rods use roller guides along the blank also, to lessen friction that can degrade the line and lose fish.
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Binding Trims and Colours

After all the components have been organised, the angler can then choose the type of binding trims and colours.

Apart from our solid glass boat rods, all our rods are underbound to provide secure footing for the guides and to protect the surface of the blank.

There are many contrasting colours that can be chosen for the under and over binding of the guides. On some heavy Game rods we double bind the guides to provide even further security. This has to be done carefully as this action can stiffen the rod slightly.


The bindings are finished on a special machine with up to 2 coats of a high build 2 pot epoxy finish or a low build 2 pot or single pot finish ( depending on the rod ). The finish typically relates to the size of the rod, the bindings or wrappings and the intended use of the rod. Heavy Game rods have more and heavier finishing coats than say, a high modulus graphite 4wt. fly rod.

The finished rod is then transferred to a Rolux rod drying machine where they rotate slowly for 2 to 4 hours while the finish cures.

The finished binding has a hard and durable glossy finish. It must be noted that the type and amount of finish applied can affect the stiffness of some light action carbon fibre rods.

We can discuss your colour preferences at the time we are first designing your rod.
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Coming in 2017

As we stock more blanks suited to New Zealand fishing conditions for our standard Rolux fishing rod range during 2017, we will be able to provide our full custom building service once again. Custom Rolux rods will normally be built on New Zealand made blanks or top quality imported blanks.

We will also be offering our "Custom building on a Budget" where we use one of our standard fishing rod templates and finish it to your personal specifications. As we "batch" build the templates, the cost is reduced considerably. This service is only available on certain models.

In 2017, a new service is planned where we will professionally built your rod for you when you supply your own rod components including the blank and guides. As we will have no control over the quality of the supplied components, any warranties will be limited to the workmanship and any components we supply towards the build.
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