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Rod Repairs & Rebuilds

Rod repairs and rebuilds / renovations by Rolux Fishing Rods Ltd.


Free Fishing Rod Inspection Service

At Rolux, we have a free Rod inspection service and are happy to provide free estimates for all work to be undertaken. If It is deemed that a rod cannot be successfully or economically repaired or rebuilt, we will let you know without incurring any cost.
Now is the time to get those damaged and retired rods back into service.
Renovation & Restorations
All work professionally under taken and backed by over 35 years experience
Replacement or repair of guides, tip rings, reel seats, grips, ferrules, bindings etc.
Broken blanks repaired, guides repositioned & realigned, reel seats repositioned.
Gimbals added to boat rods.
We can offer you a restoration service for your older rods and full strip downs and re-builds for your more modern rods where they have become a little tired and are in need of some TLC. 

Sometimes your rod may only require re-binding and a new set of rings, but if you have a good quality rod with worn out componentry, the reel seat and grips can be replaced as well as the rings and the rod can be updated with new style guides and a different colour scheme to reflect your favourite colours or team colours or whatever you desire.

Vintage & Retro Components

We carry a large selection of Vintage guides in stock, including chrome Fly rod stripper guides which were used before the advent of ceramic inserts.

 We also have Chrome bridge guides (8mm - 70mm) for use on old Spinning and Surf rods and Chrome wire tip guides in various sizes from 10mm up to a hefty 25mm ring size.
 Many of these Vintage guides and tip rings are very hard to find and once the current stock is gone that will probably be it.  We also have many styles of early ceramic guides with various colour frames and inserts and different shock rings as well.
DSCF7042(copy)(copy)(copy) SCG with green shock ring(copy)(copy) Old agate guide(copy)(copy)
If you want to update your rod with new hardware, I also carry in stock most of the new design guides and tips in different variations.  If you visit the Custom built fishing rod page you can see some options that can be incorporated into a rebuild. Anything is possible and I try to give you the most I can while still working within your budget.
I carry selected components from American Tackle  and also from manufacturers such as Fuji, Alps, Pac Bay,  and other generic components sourced from around the globe.

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