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6 pkt of Plastic 30cm "Crown" tent pegs - N Z made - $15.95 ea.

6 pkt of Plastic 30cm "Crown" tent pegs - N Z made - $15.95 ea.
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6 pkt of Plastic 30cm "Crown" tent pegs - N Z made - $15.95 ea.
The largest "Crown" Tent Peg - 30cm.

Made in New Zealand, "Crown" plastic tent pegs are manufactured in Polypropylene and are superior to imported ABS pegs.The design and materials are more suited to New Zealand conditions. These pegs are stronger and more resilient to other pegs available on the market today.

New Zealand's first and best plastic tent pegs moulded in red Polypropylene plastic. These "Crown" branded tent pegs have a better product profile than imported ones. They have a higher mass and are technically superior to ABS pegs. Their design makes them stronger and more resilient with large strong hooks.

All Crown tent pegs, guy rope slides and Keyhole tensioners are fully U.V. stabilised for New Zealand sunlight conditions.
Suitable for Tents, Sports nets, Awnings etc.
Tough & resilient High Impact Polypropylene
Superior design & holding power
Light weight & non-corrosive
Large non-slip hooks

The Tent pegs were designed specifically with New Zealand conditions in mind and are moulded in High Impact Co-polymer Polypropylene. This is an engineering plastic and is very resilient. It can be used in all different soil types, will not shatter in stony soil and will retain its integrity. If removed from stony soil, the pegs may have a slight bend in them,but the careful choice of the moulding material allows for straightening of the pegs

Polypropylene is superior to ABS, and when used in these Tent pegs, it creates a superior product which will anchor well in the ground, and also flex around obstacles instead of breaking. High Impact polypropylene is even better and as well as coping with all camping requirements, also works well in extremes of temperature.
"Crown" Tent pegs have been specially designed to be resilient, so they have some "give" in them.

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